Our natural base for the production of Gin is a concentrated juniper berry aromatic alcohol with the addition of essential oils of coriander, anise and other herbs.

For its preparation, we use selective Mediterranean juniper berry with the highest content of essential oils. We use naturally dried berries to keep them fresh. One of the main secrets of the high quality of our bases - in the increased extraction of aromatic alcohol - is that we carry out preliminary alcohol extraction of the berry under pressure and heating, after which we proceed to the typical distillation of aromatic alcohol.

Empirically, we determined exactly the distillation speed that allows you to get the maximum aroma and concentration. You just have to dilute our concentrate with a water-alcohol solution. The base contains only fragrant alcohol of juniper berry, essential oils of herbs, lime essence.

Harmonious taste, in which the juniper dominant is balanced by hints of whiskey, oak, smoke, caramel and vanilla
A memorable composition of a classic juniper drink with an aftertaste of juicy orange peel
Classic juniper taste tinted with lime notes
Balanced juniper profile with bright refreshing lime and herbs
Green basil leaf extract harmonizes and balances the taste of classic gin, not dominating, but shading it
Sweet strawberry nuances are harmoniously woven into a rich juniper drink
Unexpected, but harmonious taste of gin, tinted with woody and spicy notes of coriander
Top notes of juniper give way to fragrant raspberry sweetness
Multifaceted combination of northern berry and classic gin
A multi-faceted aroma of classic gin and forest herbs with a long herbal sillage
Juniper dominant is replaced by a fresh sweet and sour taste of blackcurrant
About company

The joint venture Aromatik was founded in December 1993.

In the entire history of the Aromatik company, several periods can be distinguished.

1993-2002: it all started with the production of fruit syrups, which were produced in rented premises. Already the next year, we started importing flavorings.

In 2002, we moved to new, own production facilities in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, which gave the company new opportunities to unleash its potential.

In 2010, the Aromatik company was awarded the title of Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus in the field of food production.

2014-2016: obtaining a license and launching a new workshop for the production of alcohol-containing products. A commercial proposal for the alcohol industry has been formed.

The Aromatik company is developing intensively, mastering new technologies, keeping up with the times, and most importantly, quickly responding to all the demands of the modern market.

Facts about us
Since 1993 on the market of food ingredients
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Advanced and modern equipment
Production in compliance with all safety standards
Comprehensive customer management from order to delivery
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