Soft drinks
One of the most important indicators of the quality of a soft drink are organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators. JLLC "Aromatic" offers ready-made taste and technological solutions for the production of all groups of soft drinks.
Light and dark fermented kvass concentrate. Fermented kvass concentrate is produced by the "Aromatic" company by the method of incomplete fermentation of wort from grain malt and kvass wort concentrate using yeast. Drink Kvass is made by blending fermented kvass concentrate, sugar raw materials, acids, with the restoration of carbon dioxide content lost during pasteurization of fermented kvass concentrate.
We offer: Artificial and natural dyes. All colors. Convenient packaging from 250 g to 5 kg.
Natural product is the trend of the modern world. Every year, during the season, we harvest tons of berries for the production of juice-containing bases for fruit drinks with a pronounced taste of ripe sea buckthorn, cranberries, and blueberries. In the production of fruit drinks using juice-containing bases, the product contains 15% of the fruit part, which gives a natural color and natural taste to the drink.
Drinks with pieces are non-banal, memorable tastes and emotions. Modern solutions have made it possible to develop a technology for creating drinks of any taste with pieces of fruit of a standardized size, which are uniformly throughout the entire volume of the drink for a long time.
Tastes demanded by the market, with the use and different content of direct-pressed juices and concentrated juices. All-in-One Ingredient Systems, customized. With our all-in-one ingredient systems, you can greatly simplify your production processes. These ready-to-use systems contain all the ingredients for your product or beverage in an optimal, stable and compliant combination.
Traditional tastes and aromas reflecting the production of soft drinks during the Soviet period of history. Deja vu guaranteed. The line has recipes of retro flavors, on natural alcohol-containing bases "Everything is like in childhood".
The assortment includes flavors with original tastes of classic cola, fanta, sprite. Flavors repeat the taste solutions of market leaders
With Aromatic products, from first-class long leaf teas and life-giving herbs, you can recreate natural drinks for true enjoyment. Pure tea: green and black. With aromas of berries and fruits. With classic extract. Tonic or relaxing. With us, you realize the full range of positioning possibilities for your tea and herbal drinks.
Emulsions give colorless drinks a milky white color and colored drinks a natural appearance. This effect is achieved due to oil particles of a fixed size, invisible to the naked eye, which are added to the drink and refract light. With the use of the emulsion, drinks with various tastes and aromas are obtained, having a dense natural turbidity. The emulsions produced by Aromatic are highly stable when used in beverages, with long shelf life.
Full range of flavors and functionality of energy drinks. Flavorings have been developed that repeat the taste solutions of market leaders, energy compounds with different levels of caffeine and vitamins.
About company

The joint venture Aromatik was founded in December 1993.

In the entire history of the Aromatik company, several periods can be distinguished.

1993-2002: it all started with the production of fruit syrups, which were produced in rented premises. Already the next year, we started importing flavorings.

In 2002, we moved to new, own production facilities in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, which gave the company new opportunities to unleash its potential.

In 2010, the Aromatik company was awarded the title of Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus in the field of food production.

2014-2016: obtaining a license and launching a new workshop for the production of alcohol-containing products. A commercial proposal for the alcohol industry has been formed.

The Aromatik company is developing intensively, mastering new technologies, keeping up with the times, and most importantly, quickly responding to all the demands of the modern market.

Facts about us
Since 1993 on the market of food ingredients
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Advanced and modern equipment
Production in compliance with all safety standards
Comprehensive customer management from order to delivery
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