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The joint venture Aromatik was founded in December 1993.

In the entire history of the Aromatik company, several periods can be distinguished.

1993-2002: it all started with the production of fruit syrups, which were produced in rented premises. Already the next year, we started importing flavorings.

From 1996 to 1998: the production of aromatic emulsions was organized, the first in the territory of the former USSR.

The development of the market for dairy products with fruit pieces pushed us to establish a workshop for the production of fruit preparations for the dairy industry and ice cream. At the same time, technologies for the production of powdered flavorings and flavoring additives for chips, corn sticks, crackers, and other snack products were mastered.

In 2002, we moved to new, own production facilities in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, which gave the company new opportunities to unleash its potential.

The development of events in the confectionery market led us to invent an alternative to apple jam. Thermally stable fillings consisting of various berries and fruits were created. In 2008, the production base of the enterprise was re-equipped, new German and Italian equipment was installed, which met all the requirements of modern technologies.

During this period, the company was able to enter the market with unique offerings:

  • Fat-based fillings for decorating and layering cookies;
  • Fillings for cheese, ice cream;
  • Fruit layers and gels for cakes, pastries, Berliners;
  • Confectionery and dessert pastes with various flavors and functional features;
  • Thermally stable fillings in a more advanced version;
  • Juice-based foundations for the preparation of a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Vegetable sauces (dressings).

The launch of a joint project with the "Optimilk" team, which involved the creation of a series of new types of products for the dairy industry.

In 2010, the Aromatik company was awarded the title of Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus in the field of food production.

2010-2011: Organization of production of various types of extracts. Development of relationships with the alcohol industry. Installation of new, innovative equipment for the production of natural extracts. Mastering the production of extracts for balms.

In 2013-2014: Creation of a commercial proposal for beer, cider, and low-alcohol beverages.

2014-2016: Obtaining a license and launch of a new workshop for the production of alcohol-containing products. A commercial proposal for the alcohol industry has been formed. Export and domestic supply of natural bases and extracts for the production of vodka, whiskey, moonshine, brandy, rum, tequila.

Aromatik company is developing intensively, mastering new technologies, keeping up with the times, and most importantly, quickly responding to all the demands of the modern market.

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Since 1993 on the market of food ingredients
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
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Production in compliance with all safety standards
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