Natural bases for sweets, for chocolate, for wafers, for muesli bars

You just need to add the base to any of your own base, whether it be molasses, fat filling, jelly or something else and get the same result, without any extra effort.

A natural fruit, berry base is a modern approach to creating delicious desserts:

Lots of fruit – an easy way to make the product fruity or berry, and not “tasteful”;

We are proud of our basics from Belarusian berries: sea buckthorn, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, raspberries;

Naturality – original, powerful, intense taste and aroma, without “chemistry”;

Aesthetics – rich color of the finished semi-finished product;

Economy – for an excellent result, only 7% of the base is enough.

Natural alcohol-containing base is a unique solution both for fans of the familiar tastes of alcoholic beverages and for gourmets:

No boundaries – easily recognizable and innovative taste solutions: well-known alcohol and cocktail brands;

Taste – brutal cognac in the French or Armenian style, classic scotch or bourbon, bright Cointreau liqueur, Becherovka or Jägermeister;

Aesthetics – the noble color of the finished filling;

Economy – for an excellent result, only 7% of the base is enough.

Natural base is an elegant and, at the same time, comfortable solution for the market leader.

Having nearly 30 years of experience and having analyzed global trends in the confectionery market, we can safely set new standards: natural bases are the decision of a specialist who keeps up with the times.

Don’t look for trends, create them with us!

We will be happy to answer all questions and provide samples.