Juicy sea buckthorn in your glass

Sea buckthorn natural base

We have already discussed the difficulties that technologists face in the production of alcoholic beverages based on sea buckthorn. The next challenges facing production are: where to get the right amount of sea buckthorn throughout the year, how to calculate the required amount of stock to take into account unpredictable orders from retail chains, where to store a significant amount of stock?
The solution to all these issues was found by the Belarusian company Aromatic – the natural basis of “Sea buckthorn”! Our technologists have been working on the creation of this taste and the way it is delicately extracted for over two years. Now we are ready to introduce the sea buckthorn we are proud of to the market.

Natural base “Sea buckthorn” is a mixture of sea buckthorn juice infusion and aromatic alcohol, stabilized with natural flavoring substances. The Sea Buckthorn base goes through 3 stages of filtration and is cold processed to ensure its stability over time.

What does the natural base “Sea buckthorn” give?

– Ease of production. You no longer need to buy berries, because we have made sure that our customers always receive consistently high quality without compromise.

– Constant standard taste throughout the season. We prepare our basis for each specific order, providing a single standardized taste. The shelf life of our bases is 3 years.

– Stability of supplies and savings on the organization of warehouse stocks. Our customers have guaranteed regular supplies of natural sea buckthorn base throughout the year, because. Aromatic’s warehouses hold more than 150 tons of fruits and the required volume of the base will always be in stock. You no longer need to have a huge capacity farm.

– A product of an affordable price segment. We all understand how important the price on the shelf is, and that the consumer always votes in rubles. The new base allows you to create an elite product, but at an affordable price.

– Taste. Undoubtedly, this is the most important advantage. The drink prepared on the basis of our base has an impeccable recognizable taste, which reveals velvety notes, has a noble astringency characteristic of sea buckthorn, has a long aftertaste and a recognizable aroma.

After bottling, the product does not require settling or special storage conditions. All you have to do is dilute our base with your VSF, pour it and then watch how your product is swept off the shelves.

The natural bases of our production are absolutely natural, have a certificate of quality and safety, and meet the requirements of TR CU (21, 22, 29, 47).

Summarizing. The natural base “Sea buckthorn” will recreate the recognizable taste and aroma of the berry, remove the issue of storing raw materials, ensure the same taste of each batch and please you with the price. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary information, product samples and answer your questions.