Flavors for vodka production
The recognizable taste of northern cloudberries and cranberries, combined with a cooling aftertaste.
Innovative technology! Significantly softens the taste of vodka and reduces the burning aftertaste. The composition includes a mixture of cornflower water extract, raisin extract, cornflower essential oil
The rich taste and aroma of juicy pomegranate in this base is achieved through the use of aromatic alcohols of pomegranate, enhanced by natural flavoring substances
Alcohol essence of ginger oleoresins. Can be used on its own or in addition to other flavors.
Alcohol-containing essence of lemon and lime, prepared according to the Soviet OST 18-103-84. Gives vodka a refreshing citrus taste
Slightly sweet, with a recognizable marsh undertone, the base will give the vodka a unique taste and aroma.
Enriches vodka with a natural bready taste and aroma, further softening it.
A natural alternative to aromatic citrus spirits that gives vodka a citrus flavor and aroma. There are 2 flavors in the line: lime and orange. Does not contain limonene.
It gives the drink a slight cooling effect and freshness, without adding the taste of toothpaste. Good alternative to menthol
Natural alcohol-free vodka softener. Reduces burning sensation and masks the defects of alcohol
About company

The joint venture Aromatik was founded in December 1993.

In the entire history of the Aromatik company, several periods can be distinguished.

1993-2002: it all started with the production of fruit syrups, which were produced in rented premises. Already the next year, we started importing flavorings.

In 2002, we moved to new, own production facilities in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, which gave the company new opportunities to unleash its potential.

In 2010, the Aromatik company was awarded the title of Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus in the field of food production.

2014-2016: obtaining a license and launching a new workshop for the production of alcohol-containing products. A commercial proposal for the alcohol industry has been formed.

The Aromatik company is developing intensively, mastering new technologies, keeping up with the times, and most importantly, quickly responding to all the demands of the modern market.

Facts about us
Since 1993 on the market of food ingredients
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Own factory JLLC "Aromatik" near Minsk
Advanced and modern equipment
Production in compliance with all safety standards
Comprehensive customer management from order to delivery
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