Belarusian bonifiers for cognac

And how to get out of the situation for a manufacturer seeking to meet demand while maintaining a high level of quality at reasonable production costs?

JSC “Aromatic” offers a guaranteed way to produce high-quality world-class drinks, even on the basis of low-cost raw materials. Our components are able to ennoble the aroma, transform the taste palette, enhance flavor accents.

We have developed a line of three bonifiers for the cognac industry. All of them have a number of distinctive properties: they do not contain markers of aroma-forming substances (propylene glycol, triacetin, glycerin) and do not contain ethyl alcohol.< /strong>

Concentrate of higher cognac spirits is a mixture of higher alcohols and esters formed during long-term aging of cognac in oak barrels – 10-15 years. The concentrate helps shape the taste, aroma and body of vintage cognacs. It has a number of advantages:

  • Completely natural composition
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Low usage: 150 -300 g/t
  • Creates the body of the drink.

A little information for the technologist: Table 1 shows the calculated data on the change in the physico-chemical parameters of cognac when higher alcohols are added at a dosage of 100 g / 100 gave 40% cognac (the level of use will be 0.01%).

Classic cognac essence is a high-quality analogue of the French cognac bonifier, consisting of a mixture of enanth ester, essences of walnut and prunes. Caramel color E150a is used as a carrier.

There are three types of cognac essences:

  • Classic cognac essence – balanced taste of walnut and prunes
  • Nut cognac essence – nut dominant
  • Prune cognac essence – prune dominant.

Benefits of using cognac essence:

  • Completely natural composition
  • Shapes the noble tones of the drink
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Low usage: 0.5 -2.0 kg/t.

Creamy Vanilla Essence is a mixture of creamy vanilla natural flavors inherent in 10-year-old cognacs. Adds vanilla tones without exceeding vanillin levels. At a dosage of 100 g/t, 40% cognac brings 20 mg of vanillin per 100 mg of absolute alcohol. Powdered glucose is used as a carrier.

Benefits of using Creamy Vanilla Essence:

  • Completely natural composition
  • Organically adds noble creamy vanilla tones to the taste of the drink
  • Low usage: 100 -200 g/t
  • Perceptibly softens cognac spirits.

Using these components together or separately, the technologist has new opportunities in transforming the flavor range. We are convinced that our products will help your drink find the key to the heart of any buyer.

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