Mamma mia! Now everyone can make Italian wine!

Traminer Natural Flavor is designed to recreate one of the most aromatic and intense white grape varieties. A memorable, floral, complex bouquet is filled with tones of peony, violet with dominant notes of rose petals, ginger, saffron. The bouquet is set off by light honey notes and the aroma of ripe peach and apricot.

Natural Pinot Grigio flavor in addition to a light floral aroma, it has notes of white cherries, gooseberries and tones of exotic fruits (lychee, passion fruit, pineapple, mango).

Natural Chardonnay Flavor brings honey, honeysuckle and juicy fruits (pear, peach, mirabelle, quince, mango) with a balanced floral flavor.

Natural Prosecco flavor will give your sparkling wine a fresh taste, filled with hints of peach, grapefruit and flowers, which play with creamy vanilla and citrus flavors.

Natural Asti flavor will create a sparkling wine, in which notes of pear, honey and green apple are intertwined in magical bubbles, and a delicate, pleasant aroma will envelop a veil of white flowers, sweet peach and citrus fruits.

The level of use of our natural flavors is up to 1 g/l*.

*Except natural flavor Asti – 3 g/l.